Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan is just around the corner, and everyone is really looking forward for it. Regent International School would like to say Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

Ramadan is one of the twelve Arabic months. It is a month which is venerated in the Islamic religion, and it is distinguished from the other months by a number of characteristics and virtues, including the following:

1 – Allah has made fasting this month the fourth pillar of Islam.

2 – Allah revealed the Qur’an in this month.

3 – Allah has made Laylat al-Qadr in this month, which is better than a thousand months.

4 – Allah has made fasting during Ramadan and spending its nights in prayer out of faith in the hope of reward and a means of forgiveness of sins.

5 – In this month, Allah opens the gates of Paradise and closes the gates of Hell, and chains up the devils.

6 – Every night Allah has people whom He redeems from the Fire.

We have some pupils in RIS who are embracing the Ramadan beliefs and deciding to fast, however children are not expected to fast until the age of puberty. Many children wish to take part in fasting along with their family offer from a young age. As one community we support them in their decision.

Ramadan Mubarak.