Secondary students share their career plans – Justyn Oh, Year 12

Justyn OhUnlike the majority of my classmates in Sixth Form, I am unsure about what kind of job I would like to have in the future. However, I know that the subject of Geography would tie into it somehow. Geography is by far my favorite subject as I like to learn about the physical and human world around us. In my work experience, I worked for a company that creates sustainable energy plants for LEDC (Least Developed Countries) countries such as Afghanistan, parts of Africa and even Yemen. This was one of the vital aspect of my decision making for the future. Right now, I have plans to join a university in Australia or New Zealand after Year 12, and I am planning to study either Human or Physical Geography as a major, with Economics as a minor. Although I tend to struggle with some aspects of Economics, I find the subject quite interesting as well. From there on, I hope I will be able to find a clearer path for me to follow.