Secondary students share their career plans – Sara Abdelahad, Year 12

Sara AbdelahadSince I started studying Business Studies in Year 10, I’ve been interested in this subject and I  was planning on studying it at university. However, at the start of year 12, when I started studying other subjects like physics and maths in greater depth, I realised that there are other courses that I should consider at university. Recently, I started looking into energy engineering and I am starting to develop an interest around this subject. I believe that sustainability and green energy is important for the development of our future to reduce the chances of resource depletion and global warming. To widen my knowledge about this topic, I am planning to look for a company in Dubai which involves engineering to gain some work experience in this area over the summer holidays. My goal is to include maths in everything I do in the future as I always enjoyed this subject since I was a child.