What is ‘Talk for Writing’ and how does it benefit the children of Regent International School?

Talk for Writing is an initiative by Pie Corbett (Educational Writer and Poet) to support children of all ages in their writing. It is a fantastic tool which enables all children to grow as writers by imitating the key language skills they need for a specific topic orally, before they put pen to paper. It is only once they have fully understood the qualities of the language they need, that they then try reading and analysing the writing before going on to create masterpieces of their own.

At Regent, we pride ourselves on a creative curriculum where the children get to be involved in choosing how they learn. Talk for Writing is symbiotic with these methods as it allows children to absorb important language skills through various fun activities and methods, rehearsing and performing different genres of stories and non-fiction works. They then use shared writing to enable them to understand how to craft their ideas into writing of their own, imitating and developing the various styles they have been learning.

As a primary teacher, my personal experience of Talk for Writing in the classroom has been extremely positive both in the engagement and enjoyment levels of the children but also in the quality of the work that they are producing.

Miss Georgina Mead
Year 4E Class Teacher